Women Are Observing Everything About You

I recently went on a couple of dates (needless to say, they showed up not looking like their pictures carrying an extra 15 or more pounds), and even though they were “one-and-dones” I wanted to really be observant during the conversation.

What I recognized very quickly is the woman is watching your every move. She is noticing EVERYTHING! I would never tell you to be someone you’re not, but at least be aware of your non-masculine traits and try to diminish them if you have any. I want you to be very aware of how you come across when you’re on a date. Especially a first date, where first impressions are a big deal. Know who you are and own it!

As an example, I’ve had several women say they like how strong my hands look. I’ve never really thought about it, but I’ve heard it enough now to know they are looking at EVERYTHING.

Make A Good First Impression With Your Physical Appearance

You may think this is obvious, but the majority of men do not do it. They show up wearing inappropriate clothes. Grooming not taken care of. And need I even say hygiene. Yes…I’ve heard (and read) women complain about men smelling like they just got off a farm. Guys…that’s not the way to make a good first impression with a women you might very well be attracted to.

Your Clothes

Okay men…you may not be into mens fashion as much as I am (which is just enough to present myself well to a woman), but you’ve got to take the extra 5 minutes to think about what you are going to wear. Do not wear old man clothes, like most men over 50 do. You will not attract a high value, pretty woman dressing in khaki pants or short, a baggy old t-shirt and even worse flip flops or dirty sneakers. And believe it or not, she will for sure notice your shoes, as many women will determine if you’re a man who cares about presenting himself well, and goes the extra distance to have on a stylish pair of shoes (or sneakers) or not.

Get on Instagram or just google “men over 50 fashion style” and try other terms. Find a style you would be comfortable wearing and go out and make the investment in yourself.You will be very glad you did.


Grooming for men is critical to attracting a beautiful woman. You will have no chance with a beautiful woman if you show up with untrimmed facial hair; in need of a haircut; or your nails are long and dirty.

Facial Hair

This is something I started doing shortly after I got divorced as I kept hearing how women liked a little scruff. I have dark blonde hair, so my facial hair does not come in very thick, but it’s now turning gray and women love it. I get comments on my pictures and in person nearly every time I meet a woman. But…women are also quick to say “no beards”. They are not looking for a mountain man. They want a masculine man, preferably with a very strong jaw and some facial hair. Make sure to trim it every few days to keep it short, and please guys…shave your dang neck. Women do not want to see hair all the way down your neck! I shave mine right under my jawline, so very high up.

Hair Style

Let’s face it. The majority of men over 50 are either bald, or going bald. In that case, depending on the shape of your head, either go completely bald, or shave it real close, but leave some. Like Jason Statham. If you have a big bald spot either on your crown, or upper back of your head, do not grow your hair long and thing you’re going to cover it up. It’s going to look worse. Cut it more on the shorter side and it will look much better.

If you you are in the lucky gene pool with a thick head of hear, than you have more options. Check mens hairstyles on google to see which one you like. Typically, in general, women do not like long hair. Now there are some that do, so I’m not saying ditch the long hair. But…if you want to attract high-value women, go with what they are saying, and it’s not long hair.

Personally I kept the same hairstyle for a long time, but again, after my divorce I started cutting it much shorter on the sides, and keeping little length on top. This totally changed my look and I’ve stuck with it.

Eyebrows, Nails and Ear Hair

I personally do not spend a lot of time on this when I’m getting ready to go out, but you most definitely want to make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. You have not stray eyebrow hairs or long hairs coming from your ears. If you don’t take a quick look before you head out, and you have these, she will notice and probably be turned off, giving you a terrible first impression with her.

Your Body

This one has a little bit of gray area because the majority of women in their late 40’s and up are not in shape. They are carrying an extra 15-20 or more, so being super fit is very intimidating to most of these women. They will feel insecure and always having to live up to your fitness level (this is my problem 99% of the time).

What is important is you make your physical fitness a priority from now on. Why? Because when you are fit, it shows you are a committed, successful man. Women find these traits very desirable. The majority of men over 50 are in extremely bad shape, and really don’t give a shit! That’s too bad as they will live a lonely life. Instead, take pride in your health, start eating clean, get some cardio in and hit the weights. It will do wonders for not only your health but your confidence, which will translate into higher desirability from women.

Google phrases like “fitness for men over 50” so you will get information that is more relevant to you and this stage of your life. Do not try to train like a 20-year-old. You will hurt yourself and not stick with it.

Maintain Your Masculine Frame

This is critical, especially on the first date. Women want a MAN not a “boy”. There are so many beta men out there the women are sick of it. This is YOUR opportunity to get the upper hand with a woman, as she is use to going on dates with men who are nearly emasculated and passive, which is not attractive at all.

You MUST maintain your masculine frame the entire time. She will sit across the table and continue to test your masculinity and you won’t even know it unless you are a “self aware” man and in that case you see how often women do it. They do it from the feminine angle as they want to know you are worthy of their attention (and their body).

Next Step

I hope you found this helpful, and you take more notice of all of this, if you truly want to attract a beautiful woman in your life.