Why You Should Reconsider Dating Women Over 50

I want to start of with this disclaimer:

If you are a beta male, you believe in feminism, you are not a man working on yourself (physically, mentally and financially) you should not read this!

After going out with over 200 women the past 3 years, I have seen several trends that are alarming, and if I can share my experiences with you men (over 50), it will save you both time and money dating these types of women.

The majority of these experiences are referring to the dreaded online dating environment. After you read this, I hope you work on yourself and become a confident man that can (and will) walk up to any women offline (in a store, the mall, wherever) and strike up a conversation. Feminine women are yearning for men to do this.

Women Over 50 Feel Entitled

When you get online and start reading profiles of women over 50 (even 45) you will see a common pattern. I refer to it as their “list of demands”. Many of them take it to the point of listing them out (10 or more) in bullet point fashion. When you are skimming the pictures (that’s what I do as I don’t have time for this type of bullshit), and see the formatting of text like this I would strongly recommend you swipe left and move on.

Many of these feminist type women have a false sense of entitlement even though they’ve hit the wall. They are well past their prime and will not admit it (and can’t even see it).

They will say things like, “why can’t I find a real man?”, “are there any decent men out there?”, and similar statements. If you come across this, swipe left yet again.

The question is, why do women above 50 (and even 45) feel entitled? Why do they feel they are in a position to be so choosy with who they want? Why do they list these demands publicly not knowing that most high value men would never date them?

The sad truth for these women is they are only getting older, and losing sexual marketplace value every passing day. The end result will be a lot of women over 50 living alone with 6 cats, wondering what happened. I’ve met hundreds of frustrated women over 50 who are alone, and can’t seem to figure out why. It all starts with being realistic on what you bring to the table, and I’m not talking about your great career, your money, how often you travel. I’m talking about feminine traits that high value men want and will continue to get with much younger women as you all get passed by.

Women In Their 50’s Who “Don’t Need A Man”

Okay…this topic is so intriguing to me, as I’ve heard many women say, “I don’t need a man!”

My first question, and yes…I’ve asked them right on a first call, “if you don’t need a man why are you on a dating site?”

This comes with a few seconds of silence, then a number of different responses, none of which I pay any particular attention to and quickly get off the call. The critical thing for you to get from this, is a feminist woman who will be overly demanding with her list of wants, will drain you very quickly. The entire time she is listing these demands on her profile or when she is on a date, she will never mention what she brings to the table for the man. And no…I’m not talking about job, money and material things. We don’t care about that!

What women over 50 are going to brutally realize (and it will be too late for many of them) is their ship has sailed, and they are going to be alone.

Why You Shouldn’t Date The “Modern Woman”

For the last decade, if not several decades the feminist movement has exploded in the western world. You see it everywhere. This has created a demographic of women who are obnoxious, angry, bitter, “chip on their shoulder’ and overly masculine.

When you are online and you see the list of demands, or you sense an aggressive vibe from a woman’s profile and she is over 50, do not waste one minute of your time. Even if she is somewhat attractive. This is the modern woman (feminist) that will repulse you the minute you get on a call with them.

Many of these women are career-driven, if not obsessed, and they have bypassed what traits a high-value man is looking for in a women in the 21st century.

Why Are Women Over 50 Nearly Delusional?

In our society we now have social media (more specifically Instagram), and online dating that has resulted in older women having thirsty, beta males salivating over them on both platforms, feeding their ego, giving them validation and a false sense of value in the sexual marketplace.

I have seen hundreds of not thousands of women over 50 (many are still married) posting very sexual pictures on their Instagram and getting hundred (and thousands) of likes, and more pathetically fire, heart eyes, and flame emojis from the same beta male orbiters on every post they make.

In regards to online dating a very similar situation. If a woman over 50 posts a cute headshot (she won’t show her body as most are overweight) she will get 50-100 matches every day. Now the quality of men matching with her is well below average, but still she see’s her inbox online flooded with these very same beta male orbiters who are salivating over her.

When a woman gets this kind of social validation, it is very easy for her to feel she is in high demand, and can be choosy with the man who will be so lucky to have her. But in reality, she knows very well these men are of lower value, and she would never consider the majority of them.

The Last Reason To Not Date Women Over 50

From my experience of meeting women over 50, the majority of them have some form of baggage, and as mentioned above many demands for the man that create an unpleasant environment for any of us men to even want to be close to.

If you have read any of my articles, and are working on yourself to become a high-value man, you will soon realize you have the power, not these older women, and you can choose who you want to date. The majority of the time it will be much younger. The advantage of younger women, is they do not have near the baggage, nor do they have the demands that older women have, and in fact they are now realizing an older, high-value man is very attractive to them as opposed to the “boys” they are dealing with in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Men take notice!

This is your chance to turn the tables. Have an amazing life of fun, spontaneity, youthfulness  and great sex!