Sneakers Or Not When You’re A Man Over 50

Sneakers for men over 50 is a topic that can go both ways. I recently read a very popular men’s style blog that said if you are over 50 do not ever wear sneakers. I’m here to counter that with a strong YES YOU CAN!

To the left is yours truly (me) wearing a pair of simple, white sneakers with fitted jeans and a t-shirt. Because I work out a lot I can pull of wear more fitted clothes, so if you are carrying a few extra pounds, don’t go quite so fitted with your clothes.

When you meet women casually you want to look sporty. Athletic. This will make you more attractive to her.

The key to sneakers is choosing ones that are in style and that coordinate well with either shorts or jeans. With that being said I am in strong agreement with that style blog that no man over 50 should EVER wear running shoes with casual attire. Meaning casual shorts or jeans. You will look like an old man in clothes which will attract no woman!

Styles Of Men’s Sneakers

Warning: Do not EVER go shiny! In my opinion, a shiny sneaker of any kind comes across feminine, not masculine. So even if you find a pair of sneakers you really like and they are shiny, remember what I just said.

With that being said, the only, and I mean only time you could get away with these would be with a pair of slacks. This is because the slacks are more than casual so the shiny sneakers can have a look of a dressier pair of shoes.

But…I’m not a fan of any kind of sneaker with slacks so bare that in mind when you are considering shiny sneakers like the ones to the right.

Mesh Sneakers For Summertime

Because I live in hot Arizona I’m always looking for lightweight clothes and shoes to be more comfortable when I’m out and about with a woman. Because of this I like mesh sneakers a lot.

My favorite brand for most of my sneakers is called Greats I wish I got paid to promote them but I do not. To the left is a gray pair I wear a lot. Just look at how clean, simple and sporty they look. I can wear these with shorts and jeans all day long. They are in that $100-$200 price range which is perfect for a good pair of sneakers.

How Much Should You Spend On Sneakers

Sneakers can range anywhere between $40 all the way up to several hundred dollars. Depending on your budget, you can get a nice, stylish sneaker for under $100 and they will last you several years, so well worth it. When you get under around $70 you are not getting a quality shoe, and most likely it will not be comfortable and will not last long.

Leather Sneakers Or Not

This is the gray area in my opinion. Looking at the picture above, those are most likely leather and they are more dressy than casual. If you can find leather that does not have that shine to it, you’d be better off. Most of the time, I opt for cotton or mesh sneakers, and if I go leather, it’s white only. White leather sneakers are universal to almost anything you wear, but it’s a certain style of sneaker … NOT a running shoe!

Colors Of Sneakers To Consider

If you want to maintain a masculine look always go with blacks, grays, and the occasional white. The reason being they are strong, masculine colors that can go with anything whether it’s shorts or pants. You want to stay away from colors as it will come across less masculine and not a good first impression when you are meeting an attractive woman.

This is a pair of white leather sneakers that I like and have a similar pair and they look great with jeans and shorts. Simple style that you can wear for years.

Keep Your Sneakers Clean

I’m a bit OCD on this, but there is nothing worse for a mature man than to show up on a date with dirty sneakers. Guys…don’t ever do this! It is a terrible first impression of you, and the woman will notice right away.

The sides of the shoes MUST BE CLEAN. This is the rubber around the sides of the shoes. This one can be a hassle to clean, and they get dirty after typically one wearing. I use Clorox wipes, scrub them with dish soap and a rough pad.

Whether it’s okay to do or not, I wash my sneakers (not leather ones) like I do my clothes, and then let them dry in room temperature. Never let them dry outside, especially if it’s warm but if they are mesh or cotton, they will shrink.

Slip-On Sneakers Can Work

Warning: Do not wear the skateboarder brands, including Vans. You will scream old man who has no fashion sense which will turn off a woman very quickly.

Another style of sneaker is the slip-on. Over the years I’ve gone back and forth on this style. I’ve liked it for a while, and other times not so much. I think the reason why is because you do see a lot of older men wearing them and I think one of the reasons is it saves them from bending over to tie them. If you have a bad back, head over to my Fit Men Over 50 Instagram and become part of that community where you will see exercises and nutrition tips to get in the best shape of our life.

Warning: Do NOT wear slip-on converse with no shoelaces! This is ridiculous for a midlife man to wear. You may think you’re cool, but you’re not. Women will laugh at this for sure.

Never Wear Running Shoes

When you are dressing to go out whether it’s a lunch, coffee, brunch or early dinner, never…and I mean never wear running shoes with casual clothes! This is an absolute NEVER! If you want to look like an out-of-style old man then go ahead and be lazy and wear your running shoes with casual shorts, or even worse jeans. If you do, you should not probably ever read another article on this website. I work with men over 50 who want to present the best versions of themselves in the sexual marketplace.

Next Step

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