Online Dating Coaching

When it comes to online dating in your 50’s you have to take the correct approach if you want to attract women in the sexual marketplace. It is a different game online, and can be a big time-suck if you don’t do it right. I’ve learned the hard way these past 2 years, and I’m here to save you hundreds of wasted hours and money on dates that were a dud the minute you showed up.

Dating Coaching For Midlife Men

After having gone out with over 100 women, I’ve seen it all. Of those 100+ 99% were what I call “one-and-dones.” Why? Because I did not know how to navigate the sexual marketplace as a newly divorced 50 year old man. It was a massive wakeup call to say the least, but now I can help you Fastrack by all the bullshit that goes on, regarding online dating and women in general.

In my program, we’ll do zoom calls, and I’m accessible via email to answer any and all of y0ur questions when it comes to online dating, texting, etc.

Contact me today to set up an introductory call to see if we are a good fit.