How To Use Online Dating To Attract More Desirable Women

If you are a man in your 50’s and just getting back out in the single world, you will soon be thrust into online dating. It is one of the only ways to meet women quickly and possibly connect with someone that you have some initial fun with, or if you are looking for something more serious, a partner.

I have spent the last 2 years researching, learning and experiencing the online dating world and now can help you save hundreds of hours and possibly thousands of dollars in wasted dates. If you have not experienced it yet, you will soon see what it’s like to match with someone online based on their profile pictures and what they said, to only meet in person and have a different woman sitting in front of you. It has happened to me dozens and dozens of times until I learned exactly what to look for and weed out all the low caliber women before wasting too much time and any money on them.

Don’t Fall For This When It Comes To A Woman’s Online Dating Pictures

  1. Headshot only. This is a big one for me as I’m a fit man attracted to fit and slender woman. If you only see a headshot swipe left and do not waste any time with that profile. There is a reason they are only showing a headshot. They are overweight and don’t want you to know it.
  2. Above Head Photos. This is another big one. Women know exactly how to take a picture to make them look slender. A no-go is any profiles you come across where the camera is way above their head in a weird angle. At first I thought it was strange, and then when I fell for it, I would meet up and see a completely different body than the manipulated angle they posted online. If you see even one picture like this move on.
  3. Photoshopped Or Filtered Pictures. Again, this is a critical one as you most likely are looking at women between 40-mid-50s if you are a man in midlife. When you see headshots of the woman’s face and there is not a wrinkle on it, they have yet again manipulated their pictures to not show any wrinkles and try to look young. This happened to me only a few times and then I caught on and never fell for it again.

Read Profile Bio Thoroughly If You See One That Looks Good

Now…if you see one that did not do any of the above manipulations, you’ve got to read their profile. What criteria do you have for your ideal woman or are you just looking to sew your oats for a bit? What they write is critical. Look for phrases like LTR (long term relationship); No hookups. These are women most likely looking for a beta male provider but won’t ever admit it. If you’re okay with that, then proceed with caution.

If she has lots of demands (wants) in her profile you might move right on past her as she may be a very controlling woman and no one man wants that. We all have our ideals but if her list is too much too early it’s not a good sign.

Request A FaceTime Early On

This is a biggy! You want to see them via FaceTime or Zoom to see if they look remotely like their pictures. If they are not willing to FaceTime. Move on! They have manipulated their profile and don’t want to be found out until you’ve scheduled a date and wasted your time and money.

Questions To Ask Women Before You Meetup

It’s imperative you find out a little about them before you set up a physical meetup. You can pre-qualify out quickly by asking just a few questions.

  1. How long have you been divorced (or single)? You want to know if they are new to being single or have been single for years. If they are newly single, and you just want to have some fun and hopefully casual sex, it might be perfect. If they have been divorced for 5 or more years, that might be a red flag that they have emotional baggage or issues you don’t want to deal with. Also the longer they’ve been divorced means they are either getting near their spousal support (alimony) ending and are looking for a man with money or at a minimum a high-paying job. Move on if that’s the case.
  2. What do you do for a job? You most likely do not want to be a sugar-daddy, or be the beta male provider for any woman, after you’ve done that in your previous marriage (for the majority of you). If they are not employed, then they are living off their spousal support and depending at what stage of their divorce, it’s going to end at some point and then what’s she going to do? You don’t want to be the money man for her
  3. How old are your children? Being a man in your 50’s you either have kids that are getting ready for college or are already on their own. If you are ready for the next chapter in your life, and having fun, you might not want to date a woman that has younger kids like early teens or even pre-teens. She is most likely looking for a provider/and or father figure for her children.
  4. When was the last relationship you had? If it was recent, you don’t want to be the rebound. If it was several years ago, that’s a red flag that she has baggage or issues and men have found out early on and ran. Sometimes it’s just cricumstances why a relationship ends, but you’ve got to hedge your bets in your favor.
  5. What are you looking for? I hate this question, as the majority of women will ask you as they have their anti-slut, defense mechanism on high alert for men that just want to have some fun and casual sex. But for men, we want to know their mindset. Are they looking for an LTR (long term relationship)? Are they wanting to get married again. You need to know this before you meet as this may or may not align with what you’re looking for.

If you’ve followed my hard-learned lessons and tips in this article, you will now be ready to have fun online, but be aware. The quality of women online above 45 is not good. You will soon see by using my tips it’s going to be a small number at any given time. So be patient. But be smart and you’ll still have a lot of fun.

Next Step

If you’re a man over 50 and recently divorced, are divorced or just looking to be a better version of yourself, contact us today to have a complimentary call with Mike Pedersen to see if its a good fit to work together to help you attract high caliber women and enjoy the next phase of your life.