Learn How A Hobby Can Give You Balance And Personal Growth

As a 56-year-old man recently divorced (2 years ago), I remember times of boredom after my workday was done. Going out with women rapid-fire was exhausting and time-consuming. I had several female and male friends tell me I should get a hobby. I remember thinking I workout 6 days a week, and hike on the 7th day, doesn’t that qualify for a hobby? It didn’t as I’ve been doing that for over 40 years. I needed to expand my horizons and so should you.

Hobbies play an important role in mitigating some of the everyday stresses, as they provide us with an outlet for energy release, distraction, and something to look forward to. “Hobbies bring a sense of fun and freedom to life that can help to minimize the impact of chronic stress.

Men need to have outside interests that are masculine in nature. Go back to the hunter era and become a hunter again. Bonding with other like-minded men will give you a sense of camaraderie. Do you have any hobbies? Are any of them physical in nature? Could be hiking, golf, tennis, rafting, paddle boarding, hunting, fishing or even just hanging out with other men on weekends to watch sports and have a few beers.


I’ve become a bit intrigued with tribes when it comes to a hobby. As humans, we are social beings and have a need to “belong”.

The benefits of belonging to a tribe are:

  • Group Identity. Belonging to a group and feeling identified with those in that group is an important aspect of our identity and sense of self.
  • Purpose. Our group identity often gives us a sense of common purpose around the pursuit of common goals.
  • Support. Being in a group of like-minded men you will experience their support as valuable and meaningful.
  • Battling Loneliness. Not only are we more likely to feel a greater affinity for people who share our purpose or passion, you’ll feel welcomed and accepted as well.


I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and finally did it recently (that’s me in the picture). It was a lot of fun and something I’m going to add to my list of activities.

The challenge to hit the bullseye and having to use a little strength made me feel like an athlete again. This is a hobby a man over 50 could get into and join a group, take lessons, and even do competitions if you wanted to.

Reading Is Powerful

In retrospect one thing I do daily and could be coined a hobby is reading. I’m a voracious consumer of self-development, success, business, and intersexual relationships. For me, it has had a profound impact on my life.  Reading as we know is typically done by ourselves, but you must have a passion or thirst for something that you can read and even study up on. This is a hobby that can not only propel you personally and socially but professionally in your business life.


This is a great one as it gets you outdoors to enjoy nature. With our fast-pasted world, and “always connected” this is a hobby I may explore. I do it in a sense as I hike every week and can’t imagine not hiking, as I enjoy both the exhilaration (exercise) and being disconnected for that hour to 3 hours depending on the hike I do.


Taking pictures can be addicting. It forces you to get outside. You don’t need a fancy camera nowadays as smartphones can take amazing pictures. But…if you get into it, you might want to look into a real camera and the quality of your pictures will go up dramatically. Start posting them on social media. Create a new personal Instagram account.


The good ‘ol standby. What I don’t like about it is for you to be around a bunch of old guys, who are content with their lives, and have no desire or ambition to be a better version of themselves. So choose your golfing buddies wisely. Preferably your foursome will be younger than you. I enjoy hanging around people who have energy levels close to mine which is quite high. This typically means younger people.

Playing The Guitar

This one could easily have a double benefit. My son just recently bought a guitar and it was fun to watch him learn some chords. You’ve got to have a lot of patience for this (I don’t). But…how cool would it be if you got good enough to play it in front of a woman you just met? There are not too many men that have that talent so it will set you apart from others, and she will surely remember you.

Car Restoration

This one is out of my wheelhouse for sure, but you car buffs might really dig it. The sense of accomplishment to restore a car I’m sure would be massive for a man. To proudly show your before and after pictures to not only your buddies but to women could be very effective in showing them you stick to a commitment and take it all the way to completion.


This one can get expensive quickly with just the machinery, so if you venture into this hobby, maybe try to make some money out of it to recoup your outgo to get the machinery. If not, maybe hook up with some men who are already doing it and learn from them in their shops (or garages). I can see there being a sense of achievement when you complete a piece, which will move on over to your personal and professional life.

In Conclusion

If you are a man in your 50’s and going through a divorce, or are divorced, getting a hobby will be a nice distraction that can give you a lot of satisfaction and grow some new friendships with like-minded men. Hell…even if you are in a relationship or marriage you need you alone (gut time). It’s healthy and gives you that independence every adult needs.

Next Step

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