Ignore Her…And Do It Anways

I hope that got your attention. If it did, then keep reading to learn the importance of becoming a better version of yourself no matter what your partner, wife, ex-wife or friend says.

Here at The Transitioning Man (TTM) our mission is to build a community of men over 50 who feel alone whether it be going through a divorce, breakup, or already divorced and struggling in the sexual marketplace. I want to help as many men as possible be a better version of themselves to kick ass in the sexual marketplace, business and in life.

She Doesn’t Want You To Be A Better Man

Here’s another attention-getting statement. Now let me explain. If and when you were married, did you ever wake up one day and say to yourself, “enough is enough?” What I mean is something in your life that you were just plain tired of and you’d had enough.

Here’s a perfect example of a common scenario (but not 100% percent of the time). You see a picture of yourself and you don’t like how out of shape you’ve gotten (we work with a lot of men on this). You make a public proclamation you are going to start exercising and eating better. Your spouse or significant other laughs it off and tells you, you’ve tried this many times and it hasn’t worked.

First off…what’s her point in being so negative and not supporting you? I can think of a few reasons and a big one is she doesn’t want to have to get off her ass and do the same thing if you start getting results. She is content and does not want to be threatened by you becoming a better version of yourself, which includes looking better, and being more attractive to other women.

It’s always easier keeping people down than building them up. If you are currently in a relationship, the woman you are with should want you to be the best version of yourself 100% of the time, and completely support your efforts. And…you the same for her. This story goes both ways for sure, but TTM is for the betterment of men, not women.

When I Heard This From A Woman I Couldn’t Believe It

Having gone out on close to 200 dates in the last 2 years I’ve heard lots of crazy shit from women. Most of it was the same shit, but one woman who was attractive and fit told me this, and I about fell out of my chair when I heard it…

” I always want to be slightly better looking and in better shape than my man. I want to be the princess”. 

Okay guys…what kind of shit is that? Seriously?! That screams of insecurity from the woman. Very unattractive and a complete turnoff. But it got me thinking, that the majority (not all) of women do want the same thing as what this woman said because if she did have an attractive, fit and successful man she knows he will be more desirable in the sexual marketplace and that is a threat to her in a big way!

How many times have you seen an attractive woman with a not-so-attractive man? It’s more common than not. When you see it we all tell ourselves she’s with him for his money and the lifestyle, which has some truth to it for sure. But if that same attractive and fit woman was with her equal she knows he will be considered a high-value man in the sexual marketplace and in demand and that means she’s always got to be on her game in every facet of her life, which takes a lot of consistent effort on her part.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

What I typically hear from men I coach is their desire to become healthier, more knowledge aware, and successful in their business that when they start the journey the people closest to them are not in support of their new lifestyle and in fact try to knock it down with negativity and shame.

I’m here to tell you right now if you have those types of people around you, it’s time to let go and move on, even if they are family members, close friends or a partner. Making a life decision like this requires not only your internal motivation and desire but the occasional outside support and positive input from others you care about.

They say you become the 5 people you hang around most!

That means choose your friends and even family wisely. It can mean the difference between you achieving your goals and not, no matter how much you take action and commit to it. Start paying attention to these people you are spending time with and see how they react and what they say when you mention your new life goals and what you are doing. If it’s not supShe portive, or they are negatively doubting your intentions, walk away! You don’t need that in your life when you are trying to make a big change for the better.

Your Future Looks Amazing

When I can get you to understand how critical it is for you to be a better version of yourself and put forth the effort, you will have the world in the palm of your hands. You’ll be more attractive to women. Men of high caliber will want to hang around you more, and your business success will explode. If these aren’t enough reasons for you to commit to being a better man in all aspects of your life, I’m not sure what will.

I want you to get to a point of near disgust with yourself regarding where you are at in life and the sexual marketplace. Until you hit that strong of a pain point you will not have the desire to get to where you want to be. Being a man in your 50’s you could own your local area regarding the sexual marketplace. Imagine be newly divorced, or even divorced of a few years and being an in-demand man.

The good news is there is not that much competition out there. Most men don’t give a shit after they hit 50 and beyond. This is going to be your time to shine and become a high-value man! Let’s do this!

Next Step

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