How To Text Like A Champ And Attract More Women

As a man over 50 myself (56), and thrust into the dating world after 24 years of marriage, I had to learn the sexual marketplace very quickly. Unfortunately, I made a ton of mistakes that you are not going to make after you read this article.

Texting…Is It Just A Game?

To define the kind of man I am, I am a Type A, 100 mph man. Take action quickly. Somewhat impulsive and that will be a lifelong challenge no doubt. But when it comes to texting a woman when you’re in your 50’s and beyond there are certain critical things you must stick to or you will blow it with 90% of the women you are trying to date.

You may be thinking why can’t you just be yourself and not have to think about it? Just do what feels right and see what happens.

Well…I quickly found out that approach did not work, at least for me. As I said, I can be fast and impulsive which are two very bad things to do be when you are starting to text a woman in the beginning.

Texting Don’ts

  • Respond Too Quickly. If a woman initiates a text do not respond right away. That looks too needy, not masculine and like you have no purpose in your life. Give it 20 minutes. This might seem like an eternity but you need to set the masculine frame and show her she is not the center of your universe. That you have important things going on in your life.
  • Too Long Of A Message. When you’re first getting to know a woman, you do not want to be that guy who writes a damn story every text you send. She will quickly get annoyed with this and go dark on you FAST! Keep your texts to 1 maybe 2 sentences at the most.
    • Tip: Mirror her length of texts with yours, but do not go over 2 sentences EVER!
  • Never 2 Texts In A Row. This is a critical one early on. Don’t blow it! Put a little thought into the text you send, make it brief and do NOT send another one right after it, even if you have more to say. She will view you as a beta and blowing up her phone. No woman is attracted to a man that blows up her phone with multiple, back-to-back text messages.
  • Don’t Break Your Cadence. Okay…this ties in with the first don’t of responding too quickly. However long she takes to respond to your text you do the exact same thing no matter what! If she takes 2 hours to respond you take 2 hours to respond. If she takes a day. You take a day. You see where I am going with this?
  • Don’t Waste Time With Senseless Texts. Don’t ramble on about anything. Have a purpose for every text. The goal should always be to get off the phone and meet in person. So in between dates don’t become her texting buddy when she’s bored. Be a strong, masculine man with a purpose. She will be drawn to you with this approach.

The Real Purpose For Texting A Woman

I want you to really embrace what I’m about to say next. It is critical to your success in the sexual marketplace. Try to tell yourself every time you text a woman the goal is to set up the date. That is it! Not to banter on-and-on about nothing. You do that and she will be gone faster than you can blink. Be the man and set up the date!

Take charge like a real alpha male and set the date and specifics in motion. Then stop texting so much!

A man on a purpose does not have time to waste during the day with ongoing texts. The woman will soon wonder if you are even working, or just unemployed sitting on your couch. Women are drawn to successful, purpose-driven men. 

Use Dread To Be The Dominant Man

I’m going to do an entire article on dread as it is a very powerful tactic to draw women to you like a magnet. When I mean be dread is if you are predictable you no longer are a challenge to her. She will quickly replace you with an alpha who can keep her on her toes.

Dread is a tactic to create competition for the woman even if it’s in her mind. Women are curious creatures with vivid imaginations, so when you apply dread to your texting, it can be a powerful magnet for you with women.

This all goes full circle to the tips in this article where you do not respond too quickly, you mirror her response time, if not extend it just a bit. For example, she takes 2 hours to respond, you take 3 hours. You want to create some anxiety in her mind as to what you are doing. Are you texting other women? Is she not the only woman? Most men respond quickly and repetitively and you are not. Who are you is what she is thinking. This is dread! It is fear of loss and it’s powerful stuff.


If you’ve been out of the sexual marketplace for over 5-10 years like most of us mid-50’s men, it is an absolute wake-up call. The bullshit that goes on in the dating world for adults, is absolutely insane. With online dating being the norm, the ease of access to people in a matter of seconds not even minutes warrants a new world of either having a backup plan, or always looking for better.

To learn how to text like a champ and attract women like a magnet will do wonders for your confidence and your dating schedule. All your married buddies will be jealous and their wives will soon have dread.

Next Step

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