Here’s How To Get Everything You Want

When you want something, theirs needs to be motivation (motive) to get it.

What is motivation? How can you get it and implement it into your health goals, along with personal life goals?


It’s start with desire. When you want something it is in a sense a goal. But to achieve that goal and get what you want you need to have a strong desire that drives you to action to reach that goal.

With a strong desire you will take the necessary action to reach your goal. You will find the means to gain the knowledge and get the experience that will give you the know-how.

You will have many bumps in the road, and this is where your desire comes in. If your desire for that something starts to weaken you will soon lose the motivation to achieve that goal. It is unfortunate, but this is what’s common in our society. People will say they want something, but that’s not enough. Once you have the thought of wanting something, your desire then has to be strong enough to motivate you to take action…NOW!

Act Now

If you do not take action quickly your desire will quickly fade. When it comes to your health (fitness and weight loss) how many times have you wanted to get in better shape, but you didn’t take immediate action and it soon faded away?

Getting in shape you know takes consistent effort. If it didn’t everyone would look great. Now you have to decide how important your health (and losing weight) is to you. I want you to look 6 months out. A year out. 5 years out. If you don’t make a change, where do you think you’re going to be?

Do you think magically you’ll be healthier? You know the answer to that question. If you know the answer, the question now is, is…what you want out of your life 6 months, a year or 5 years from now? If you are still unsure, you’ve answered the question. It’s not important to you.

As a man over 50, you are not guaranteed good health. More than likely if you are not focusing on your health, you are going to have problems as the years go on. You can’t get time back. Once it’s gone it’s gone! If you take your health for granted in your 50’s, you will become a statistic. I do not intent to be so dramatic but it’s a fact. You are now banking on luck and some genetics to not have health issues. Luck is not a good approach when it comes to your health.

Becoming Attractive To Women

We know the divorce rate is around 50%. If you are a man in your 50’s, there is a good chance you are divorced or getting ready to go through one. Do you want to be alone the rest of your life when you’re divorced? Some of you might be okay with it, but many of you will not want to be alone.

It imperative you focus on your health if you want to attract a high-caliber woman. No woman wants to be with a man who is unhealthy, overweight and lacks the motivation to keep in relatively good shape (and body weight). Think about that for a minute. If you are divorced and carrying 20 or more pounds, this will put you at a disadvantage to men who are in better shape.

Women will automatically put a correlation of you being overweight with no ambition or drive. This will be a no-go for the majority of women. What some men in the 50’s do is use their money in replacement for better health. They have the fancy cars, watches, and homes to attract women. Unfortunately, these women are gold diggers. They are only with you for your money and the lifestyle. Is that what you want?

If you are okay with having a relationship that is a business transaction, with no true desire or emotion, more power to you. Don’t fool yourself. The woman may tell you she loves you, but if you are not within 20 pounds of your ideal weight, and even heavier, she is going to seek out a fit and healthy alpha male to fuck.

So why not use the motivation of attracting a high-caliber woman as one of your driving forces to become fit, healthy and looking good? Just imagine being in your 50’s and being with a woman who looks fantastic. And when the two of you are together people notice. That’s an amazing life in your 50’s and beyond.

Next Step

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