How To Avoid Falling Into The Entitled Woman Trap?

Entitled women in their 40’s and above is an interesting topic that I want to fully understand, as from my perspective, especially online, it’s rampant. Why do women feel entitled? Why don’t they feel they need to bring value to a man’s life? For us men over 50, what should we do in this social environment?

Most of us men over 50 (even over 40 for that matter) that have gone through a divorce have experienced firsthand how the legal system favors the woman, and leaves the man nearly homeless, broke both emotionally and financially, and in pure survival mode.

When we jump out in the sexual marketplace for the first time after sometimes decades of being off it, it’s a rude awakening to what’s going on out there. It’s not pretty. But, if you become a self-aware man and stay on your purpose, you can do quite well in the sexual marketplace, because most men don’t do the work, and you will stand out.

Signs Of Entitlement To Be Aware Of

When you are first meeting a woman, whether it’s on an actual date or just talking with her, pay attention to how she responds to questions, as well as how her overall attitude is. If you are paying close attention you will see signs (red flags) to whether she is an entitled woman or not.

On The First Date

I was raised to be a gentleman and always pay for the first date, but…what you want to watch for is if she offers to pay when the check comes. If she makes no motion at all, she feels entitled for you to pay. This is a huge red flag and one you need to make mental note of moving forward with this person.

Secondly, does she show appreciation for you paying for the date? If she does not, this is red flag number two. In my book this woman is not going on a second date with me. No way!

Learn from my mistake: Thirdly, if you have decided on meeting for a drink, keep it at a drink only and not a meal. She’s got to earn the right for you as a strong male for you to buy her dinner. I made the stupid mistake of meeting a woman for a happy hour. She was cute, but I could tell right away she was high maintenance, which does not work for me. We were having a decent conversation, and the waiter came around asking if we wanted a second drink. I was enjoying the conversation so said yes. Here’s where it really turned for me. A few minutes later she asked if I was hungry, and I said I wasn’t. She said she was and proceeded to order some food. No big deal but what I was waiting for at the end was her to offer to pay her share as she was the one who was hungry and requested the food, not me. Did she offer? Nope! Did she thank me for the drinks and meal after? Nope! This is the perfect example of what I’m trying to educate you on regarding entitled women.

In the above scenario, if you set the tone from the first date on that you are going to pay, she will put you in the friendzone and use you when she is bored and wants a free meal. A lot of women want equal rights but when it comes to their entitlement they are very hypocritical. As a strong, alpha male on your purpose, do not let any women dictate whether you are going to pay or not. If you so choose to then that’s okay, but early on just keep an eye out to how she responds in scenarios like the above.

Tip: Do not be a Beta Male provider! The majority of women 40 and above have very high expectations of the man they want, but they do not realize their sexual marketplace value has dropped significantly. When they start experiencing men their age just using them for sex, they will be forced to look for older men and their expectations will be for that older man to be the provider (the majority of the time), and lavish them with gifts, etc, as she feels it’s owed to her. A high-value man with options should never become the provider for these women. Let some other Beta male do that, not you.

Warning: If you’re going to go down in age to the 30’s and even 20’s you are going to see entitlement in a big way. Just know what you are getting into, and be the strong alpha who won’t put up with that for a second. Maintain your masculine frame and you’ll do well fine with that demographic.

Online Dating Profile

This is a big one to pay attention to in regards to entitlement with women. Most of us men do not have the time to read lengthy profiles written by women, but there are a few things to watch out for that are red flags before you even connect with them.

Their list of demands

This one is almost comical but you’ll come across this alot when it comes to online dating. When a woman literally lists out her needs (demands) from a man, this is a woman that feels entitled. I read a profile the other day and I actually took the time to respond and here is what I said…

“I see all your demands for your man, but can I ask what value you’re going to bring him”?

Her reply… “eat shit”.

Well, guys…there you have it!

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