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Why You Should Reconsider Dating Women Over 50

I want to start of with this disclaimer: If you are a beta male, you believe in feminism, you are not a man working on yourself (physically, mentally and financially) you should not read this! After going out with over 200 women the past 3 years, I have seen several trends that are alarming, and […]

Women Are Observing Everything About You

I recently went on a couple of dates (needless to say, they showed up not looking like their pictures carrying an extra 15 or more pounds), and even though they were “one-and-dones” I wanted to really be observant during the conversation. What I recognized very quickly is the woman is watching your every move. She […]

Watch Out For These Types Of Women – Toxic Masculinity

I have spoken to hundreds of women online. What I have seen quite often is what I’ll refer to as an identity struggle with many of them. I want to go in-depth on this, but I am not a licensed therapist or counselor, so this is just my opinions, and mine only. Take them or […]

How To Avoid Falling Into The Entitled Woman Trap?

Entitled women in their 40’s and above is an interesting topic that I want to fully understand, as from my perspective, especially online, it’s rampant. Why do women feel entitled? Why don’t they feel they need to bring value to a man’s life? For us men over 50, what should we do in this social […]

Best Online Dating Websites For Men Over 50

As an experiment, I wanted to see what dating apps were like, as I’d never imagined getting on one until I got divorced at the age of 55. I can tell you it was a learning curve no doubt, with hundreds of wasted hours and hundreds if not a thousand or more wasted dollars in […]

How To Text Like A Champ And Attract More Women

As a man over 50 myself (56), and thrust into the dating world after 24 years of marriage, I had to learn the sexual marketplace very quickly. Unfortunately, I made a ton of mistakes that you are not going to make after you read this article. Texting…Is It Just A Game? To define the kind […]

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Masculine Frame

As a man, if you want women to desire you, as well as be successful in your professional life, you must maintain your masculine frame. Without it, you will come across weak, insecure, non-decisive, and nearly feminine (beta male tendencies). No woman wants a man with those traits, and yet the majority of men (including […]

How To Use Online Dating To Attract More Desirable Women

If you are a man in your 50’s and just getting back out in the single world, you will soon be thrust into online dating. It is one of the only ways to meet women quickly and possibly connect with someone that you have some initial fun with, or if you are looking for something […]