Advice For Men Over 50

How To Use Online Dating To Attract More Desirable Women

If you are a man in your 50’s and just getting back out in the single world, you will soon be thrust into online dating. It is one of the only ways to meet women quickly and possibly connect with someone that you have some initial fun with, or if you are looking for something […]

Here’s How To Get Everything You Want

When you want something, theirs needs to be motivation (motive) to get it. What is motivation? How can you get it and implement it into your health goals, along with personal life goals? Desire It’s start with desire. When you want something it is in a sense a goal. But to achieve that goal and […]

One Of The Biggest Reasons (Excuses) You Don’t Stick To A Fitness Plan

I’ve worked with hundreds of successful male business professionals in my fitness consulting career, and almost across the board when we do our initial consultation I ask why they aren’t currently exercising the answer consistently is “I don’t have enough time.” What I want to do next is get in your head a bit if […]

Ditch The “Old Man” Clothes If You Want To Attract Women

If you don’t care about how you look then don’t waste your time and skip this article. How You Dress Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger I’m going to cut to the chase and not sugar coat it which is how I am 100% anyways. How you dress can have a dramatic impact on […]