Advice For Men Over 50

Why You Should Reconsider Dating Women Over 50

I want to start of with this disclaimer: If you are a beta male, you believe in feminism, you are not a man working on yourself (physically, mentally and financially) you should not read this! After going out with over 200 women the past 3 years, I have seen several trends that are alarming, and […]

Women Are Observing Everything About You

I recently went on a couple of dates (needless to say, they showed up not looking like their pictures carrying an extra 15 or more pounds), and even though they were “one-and-dones” I wanted to really be observant during the conversation. What I recognized very quickly is the woman is watching your every move. She […]

Watch Out For These Types Of Women – Toxic Masculinity

I have spoken to hundreds of women online. What I have seen quite often is what I’ll refer to as an identity struggle with many of them. I want to go in-depth on this, but I am not a licensed therapist or counselor, so this is just my opinions, and mine only. Take them or […]

How To Avoid Falling Into The Entitled Woman Trap?

Entitled women in their 40’s and above is an interesting topic that I want to fully understand, as from my perspective, especially online, it’s rampant. Why do women feel entitled? Why don’t they feel they need to bring value to a man’s life? For us men over 50, what should we do in this social […]

Best Online Dating Websites For Men Over 50

As an experiment, I wanted to see what dating apps were like, as I’d never imagined getting on one until I got divorced at the age of 55. I can tell you it was a learning curve no doubt, with hundreds of wasted hours and hundreds if not a thousand or more wasted dollars in […]

Sneakers Or Not When You’re A Man Over 50

Sneakers for men over 50 is a topic that can go both ways. I recently read a very popular men’s style blog that said if you are over 50 do not ever wear sneakers. I’m here to counter that with a strong YES YOU CAN! To the left is yours truly (me) wearing a pair […]

How To Text Like A Champ And Attract More Women

As a man over 50 myself (56), and thrust into the dating world after 24 years of marriage, I had to learn the sexual marketplace very quickly. Unfortunately, I made a ton of mistakes that you are not going to make after you read this article. Texting…Is It Just A Game? To define the kind […]

Ignore Her…And Do It Anways

I hope that got your attention. If it did, then keep reading to learn the importance of becoming a better version of yourself no matter what your partner, wife, ex-wife or friend says. Here at The Transitioning Man (TTM) our mission is to build a community of men over 50 who feel alone whether it […]

Learn How A Hobby Can Give You Balance And Personal Growth

As a 56-year-old man recently divorced (2 years ago), I remember times of boredom after my workday was done. Going out with women rapid-fire was exhausting and time-consuming. I had several female and male friends tell me I should get a hobby. I remember thinking I workout 6 days a week, and hike on the […]

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Masculine Frame

As a man, if you want women to desire you, as well as be successful in your professional life, you must maintain your masculine frame. Without it, you will come across weak, insecure, non-decisive, and nearly feminine (beta male tendencies). No woman wants a man with those traits, and yet the majority of men (including […]