About Us


Hi, my name is Marco. After doing some research, we have found that there is a massive need in the marketplace for men over 50 struggling through midlife. There are 21 million of us between the age of 50-59. We interviewed men to find out what their biggest frustrations were and kept hearing the same thing over-and-over. They were either getting divorced, are divorced or unhappy in their current relationship. Many are also unhappy with their current physical status, along with their life path at this stage.

Born was Divorced Man Over 50. I am a recently divorced 57-year-old man that was thrust into the sexual marketplace for the first time in 25 years. It has been a massive learning experience but one that I can now share with you, to help you navigate online dating, attracting your ideal woman, feeling better about yourself, and crushing it in business.

My goal with Divorced Man Over 50 is to make it a massive community of men that stick together. Grow together. And achieve anything they want in life, whether that be an attractive woman, a better relationship, a healthier life, or a more confident mindset. You with me?

Health Coaching

Having been a private fitness trainer for my entire adult life, I will help you get healthy again. We will lower your body fat, increase your lean muscle, and help you become more attractive to women. We will cover fitness and nutrition in our working together. This will be a life-changer for you! Learn more here.

Lifestyle Coaching

Having met dozens of men over 50, the most common theme I’ve seen is their lack of physical presentation to be attractive to women. Everything from what you wear, to how you carry yourself, our coaching will take you to another level. You’ll soon be a more confident man and do very well in the sexual marketplace no matter your age. We will help you navigate online dating as I’ve learned in the past 2 years. Learn more here.

Dating Coach

I am not a certified dating coach, but I’m a man in his 50’s who has gone out on dozens and dozens of dates from online dating and now know how to help you get through this traumatizing experience, saving you both time and money. Online dating can be exhausting unless you know how to get around it. I’ve studied the sexual marketplace and I know experts in that field and I will gladly share their wealth of knowledge with you. When I can get you to understand your value as a man in the sexual marketplace you will be years ahead of all other men over 50 who are online.